Dubai’s Baby Bazaar is a monthly market where you can buy used baby clothes, equipment and maternity items from other parents in Dubai. After I initially spotted it promoted on Instagram, we ventured out to our first Baby Bazaar while pregnant in 2017 and I have returned a few times since.

Baby Bazaar Market where to buy used second hand baby maternity clothes equipment toys dubai

I’m not a snob when it comes to buying preloved items, especially with plastic toys and books, and the cost of anything in Dubai is far higher than the UK (except petrol, taxis and diamonds). It helps that the Baby Bazaar is mostly packed with good quality items, from books and toys to shoes and clothes.

It starts at 9am, so arrive early as it gets busy by 10am. It goes without saying but dig around the baskets of clothes and you’ll find some gems, hidden amongst one or two soiled items, as expected. Overall, there is usually a good selection for all ages and I have picked up lovely items over the past few years. My first real ‘hidden gem’ find was a pair of adorable white linen trousers by a French brand that Henry wore to brunch, and I always leave the bazaar with a bag full of childen’s books. A few of Henry’s schleich animals have also been purchased at the Baby Bazaar!

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