When we first moved to Dubai, I remember spotting the Babyzen Yoyo literally everywhere – at the airport, in malls, supermarkets and restaurants. At the time I had no idea why it was so popular but now I understand…


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  • It folds super small into a convenient protective cover that you can carry on your shoulder. The basic pack does include a protective cover but the travel bag costs more. Saying that, it’s not uncomfortable carrying the straps on your shoulder without a cover. I haven’t actually taken it on public transport but I can imagine it’s useful for the bus and train.
  • It is very compact. Once folded, which is again very easy, it fits into the overhead locker on flights. This was the biggest selling point for us as it meant that we could take the stroller right up to the gate at airports, and then have it immediately accessible at the other end. We have used it on numerous flights and all airports have, so far, accepted it – Emirates and BA staff recognise it instantly. You can’t push it along the aisles on newer BA aircrafts but that is a minor issue and we always fold it before we board.
  • It has a minimalistic, stylish design to it. I like how simple ours is in the plain black version. But you can also buy a Babyzen Yoyo Colour Pack where you can easily switch fabrics for a different design.
  • The hood is a fairly good size and covers the upper half of Henry’s body, protecting him from the sun. The large zip pocket is great for keeping a purse/phone to hand.
  • When my son was younger – probably up to 12 months old – I would have preferred to have him facing me when walking, however, the canopy window means you can see through to your child while walking.
  • It doesn’t lean back completely flat but reclines enough for baby to have a snooze in there happily.
  • It’s perfect for throwing into the boot of the car as it takes up minimal space. In most cars it will also fit easily in front of a seat if you are short on space.
  • It is lightweight – I can comfortably carry it up a flight or two of stairs.

However, it’s not all perfect. What is?

  • The wheels are small, naturally, given its size. While it is a smooth ride on pavements/floors, it is much more difficult pushing it on sand, stones, pebbles etc. For this reason, I am glad we have had the option of our much larger pram, which we took on a day safari, and often to the beach when my son was younger.
  • The basket area where we are supposed to put a bag is, quite frankly, ridiculous. You can’t fit a baby bag in there, although you will fit a smaller-sized bag. My only way around this is by hanging bag hooks on the main handlebar.
  • The price is high. Our justification for buying it is that we would use it for more than travel, which we have. My son is 2.5 years old and we have used it daily from around 6 months.
  • If you want to use it from newborn, you need to purchase the separate newborn pack, which again will cost you more money. The stroller is designed to be used as it is from 6 months but we used it ocasionally from 4 months with a lambskin liner to pad it out – my baby was perfectly happy in there.

If you use the Babyzen Yoyo regularly, it is worth its weight in gold. It is especially useful as a travel stroller but works equally well for city living. When my son reached around 6-8 months, we used the Babyzen Yoyo almost daily, and still do two years later.

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