Entertaining my toddler during Dubai’s strict lockdown has been a challenge. After I spent admittedly far too long browsing Pinterest for ideas on activities, I decided to put the tower of Kibsons boxes to good use.

Entertaining a toddler in quarantine - building activities - DIY Cardboard Postbox

Following a visit to The Postal Museum in London, Henry took a keen interest in Postman Pat and therefore a Postbox was to be our first cardboard creation. Two Kibsons boxes stuck together with sellotape and a lot of red paint later, it was complete. Henry has played with it almost daily for the past two months, ‘posting’ old boxes I found around the house as ‘parcels’ and opening the doors of the postbox to collect them.

Entertaining a toddler in quarantine - building activities - DIY Cardboard Fish Tank

Next up we made a fish tank, Henry has affectionally named ‘fishy house’. We worked on this over a week, sticking paper to create fish, painting the box etc. The ‘fishy house’ now has a home in the play room and Henry occasionally plays with it, although it has been mostly been of interest when we read books with any reference to fish.

Lastly, I made a car garage. An Amazon box and several kitchen roll tubes were fixed together with sellotape (I really should invest in a glue gun) and I painted it black. Once it dried, I added washi tape for the road lines and placed a few cars here and there. Henry absolutely loved it and played with it daily over a week. However, sadly the *safe* children’s washable paint soon scratched off and it made more off a mess than anything.

Building Henry ‘toys’ out of cardboard is not how I imagined I would spend the last few months but he loves them. He also thinks that mummy has made him ‘presents’ so it was worthwhile. For now, I give up on the DIY cardboard building… until I come across something else on Pinterest that catches my eye.


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