Rain Room is a permanent art installation at Sharjah Art Foundation and a great experience for all ages. Experience walking in rain without getting wet!

Things to do in the UAE - Rain Room, Sharjah Art Foundation
Henry and I had a lot of fun!

Walking into the Rain Room, you are met with what is essentially a very large black room – almost as big as a warehouse – with bright lights at the end and continuous rainfall from above. Slowly walk into the rain step by step, keeping your distance from others (although I held my son in my arms). Sensors detect your presence and the self-cleaning, recycled water stops where you walk. If you move quickly or make sudden movements, you may actually get wet, but if you walk slowly, you’ll stay dry. It is a very surreal experience and you’ll snap some pretty impressive photos!


-Adult: 25 AED
-Student: 15 AED (up to 22 years-ID required)
-Teachers: 15 AED (ID required)
-Children: Free admission (up to 5 years)
-People with Disabilities and one companion: Free admission

For more information, visit sharjahart.org/sharjah-art-foundation/projects/rain-room.

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